ADR - Goddards Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
Creating Solutions and Synergy

To contact the ADR Program please call Dan Krieger, Program Manager at (301) 286-0482.

Links to Related Sites

The following links are provided as an additional resource for individuals interested in participating in mediation or other ADR process.  The first link is to the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996 which is the primary authority for use of ADR in the Federal government.  The second link will connect you to EEOC Management Directive 110, which outlines procedures for offering ADR within the EEO Complaints process. Additional links will provide you with an overall picture of how the most common forms of ADR are being implemented in other Federal agencies.    

NASA Procedural Requirements for ADR for Discrimination Complaints



U.S. Department of Justice Interagency ADR Working Group

U.S. Air Force ADR

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

National Institute of Health - Under Construction


NASA GSFC Equal Opportunities Office

NASA GSFC Office of Chief Counsel

NASA GSFC Labor Relations

Forest Service

Department of Energy

Department of Transportation

Department of Interior

Federal Labor Relations Authority

Agricultural Research Service

Natural Resources Conservation Service